State pension underpayments: how to find out more

An investigation from the National Audit Office has revealed that more than 130,000 women have not received their full State Pension entitlement due to a series of “human errors” over a period stretching back to 1985.

The initial errors by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) only relate to women who reached State Pension age prior to April 2016, but claimants may also include people who inherited from a woman who was underpaid while alive and has since died. The Government are making efforts to recompense those affected.

You can find out if you or someone you know may have been affected by these errors by reading the detailed yet clear guide on  Click here to link to the article.

The article also contains links directing you to the DWP website to request they check your pension to see if you have been affected by these errors.

You can also contact the DWP directly through their website’s contact page.


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