• Retirement Planning

    Planning for and managing a secure and happy retirement is almost certainly one of the most important goals that your financial adviser can help you with.

  • Business Owners

    Business protection helps protect a business financially if a key person or business owner dies or is diagnosed with a critical illness.

  • Employee Benefits

    JTM offer a comprehensive range of Employee Benefits, we research the whole of the market which help keep rates competitive, whilst fulfilling your business needs.

  • Tax Planning

    Depending on your circumstances, as a UK taxpayer you may find your income, savings and estate subject to a range of taxes.

  • Investments

    JTM Financial Services is committed to providing the best outcome for its clients invested funds.

  • Protection and Insurances

    Ensuring that you and your family are properly protected is a true cornerstone of the financial planning process and advice is essential to ensure you have suitable plans in place.

  • Inherited Wealth

    The question of how to use inherited money can be a difficult one. It is common to feel an increased sense of responsibility to use wealth inherited from a loved one wisely.

  • Probate & Estate Services

    Our thorough, friendly and professional approach will provide the peace of mind required to relieve the stresses of probate and executorship.

  • Ethical, Social & Governance

    Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors continue to form an increasing part of our everyday lives as the impact and harm of past (inattention/neglect/failures/indifference) becomes clearer.