JTM Financial Services is committed to providing the best outcome for its clients invested funds. As part of that process, we have a Centralised Investment Process (CIP), that enables us to match client investment outcomes with their objectives, and tolerance of investment risk. The CIP allows us to provide consistent investment outcomes for clients, and to make long term plans for meeting client needs.

The CIP allows us to allocate client monies to a range of different asset classes, based on the attitude to investment risk and capacity for loss of each individual client. Once we have discussed the client objective, we use a number of investment managers to manage these funds in line with these objectives.

These investment solutions can be actively or passively managed, and will reflect the agreed risk parameters we have discussed.

We monitor the performance of these investment managers, and can change them quickly and cost effectively if we believe that they are not matching the expectations of our clients.

JTM Financial Services can arrange and advise on investments within a range of products including:

  • ISAs
  • Unit Trusts
  • Onshore and Offshore Bonds
  • Pensions

The value of your investments can go down as well as up, so you could get back less than you invested.