Business Owners

How can JTM Financial Services help you to protect your business?

What is Business Protection?

Business protection helps protect a business financially if a key person or business owner dies or is diagnosed with a critical illness.

There are three types of business protection:

  • KEY PERSON PROTECTION – pays a lump sum to the business in the event of death or critical illness of a key person.
  • BUSINESS LOAN PROTECTION – helps pay outstanding loans your business may have should the guarantor die or be diagnosed with a critical illness.
  • SHARE PROTECTION – helps to fund the purchase of the share of the business if a business owner dies or suffers a critical illness.

It is the people who make a business run smoothly, and without them your business would have a hard time functioning.

JTM Financial Services specialises in expert, whole of market advice on protection, investments and pensions. We can arrange a meeting to assess your business protection needs and formulate a recommendation. All our advisers are fully qualified and have decades of experience in the industry advising individuals and businesses like yours.